Ph. D.


Requirements for a degree in Ph.D. in Chinese:

Ph.D. students must complete their degree within 2-7 years. During that period, they must take at least 18 credits (excluding their dissertation). Students are not allowed to take more than 15 credits per semester but need to be enrolled in at least one course each semester. The Topic of Chinese Academic History is a required course. (This requirement also applies to students who entered this program after the 2006-2007 academic year).

A1574 Historical Trends in Literaure (2/2): Literature and Historical conformity research is a cross study, It is a very important method, to rise the Chinese literature study. First from the literature and the historical conformity of subsequently may extend to the literature studies research the territory with other. In the first semester, I teach 16 subjects, and the second semester, We may be discussing 10 to16 research papers.


A2391 Selected Topics in History of Chinese Literature (2/2): The course combines “history and literature ” as its scope.


A2413 Selected Topic on Chinese Learning (2/2): This course focuses on the development of traditional Chinese academic trends, ranging from public opinion and rhetoric to textual interpretation of management.   


A2763 Chinese Aesthetics & Living Aesthetics (2/2): In this course the students will learn the theory of western aesthetics and its theory of art, which are fundamental to contemporary creation and discourse of art. This course also intends to help students understand how to write an aesthetical treatise.


A3464 Topics on the Contemporary Literary Trends (2/2): This course focuses on postmodern cultural studies and contemporary literary, trend to discuss several important concepts related to poetry and In the case of the novel style two centuries of development, and possible future development trend.


A9005 Special Topic on Language and Society  (2/2): Core lecture material: Interactive research between language and society, Focus for this term, "Correspondence between the characteristics of Chinese linguistics and cultural pattern". To assess the active relationship between language and society from the vivid cultural and social pattern in everyday life.

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