Creative Sinology


Chinese Teaching E-Learning Program

A2516 Introduction to Mandarin Chinese (2/0) :This course combines theory and action.This course also emphasizes the
training of teaching skill and the developing of traditional culture about the
mandarin Chinese.

A2371 Chinese Linguistic Materials and Ways of Teaching (2/0):This course is an introduction to some important theories and techniques in
teaching Chinese as a second language. Students will learn (1)What current theories in second language acquisiton are, (2) What classroom teaching
techniques are, (3)how to develop a pedagogical grammar based on theoretical linguistics, and finally (4)how to examine/evaluate instructional

A0757 General Linguistics (0/2):The purpose of this course is to lead students to understand the core of linguistics
phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and historical linguistics. Enable students to have basic knowledge of the linguistics.


A1909 Language and Culture (0/2): Through the medium of Chinese, to enable students to recognize and understand the structure of Chinese and the cultural meaning of the ancients defined in the mode of thinking to understand, and appreciate the beauty of Chinese, have the Philology of knowledge, applied to language teaching, cultural communication, cultural and creative industries and academic research.


A2657 Chinese Language Testing and Assessment(0/2): The content of this course is concerned with the basic theories of educational testing and assessment and the item writing.To pay close attention to development ,kind,principle,method and content. etc. To introduce HSK,TOP,TECC, etc. Training students to write all kinds of examination question.

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